15 Things I Learned From Selling the Invisible


The core of service marketing is the service itself. Before you write an ad, rent a list, or craft a press release, make sure your service is awesome. Sure, there are companies with great marketing and terrible service, but customers don’t return because of your ad, they return to good service.


Assume your service sucks and work on it. It can’t hurt you in the long run; it forces you to get better.


Ask yourself who’s really setting your standards for your company? Is it your industry, your ego, or your customers?


You’re always competing with Disney. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, your customers have experienced the best service (Disney) and know what to expect. You’re being graded against that benchmark.


Act like a shark; keep moving. The business obituary is filled with companies that waited.


Familiarity breeds business, spread the word however you can.


People aren’t looking to make perfect choices, they just want to avoid making bad ones.


Your position is all in people’s mind, find out what that position is.


Don’t assume logical pricing is smart pricing. You may think your price makes you look like a good value but it actually makes you look second-rate.


Setting your price is like setting a screw: a little resistance is a good sign.


Invest in and religiously preach integrity: it is the heart of your brand.


Building your brand doesn’t take millions- it takes imagination.


Create evidence of your service quality then communicate it.


Prospects do not buy how good you are at what you do, they buy how good you are at who you are.


If you’re selling something complex, simplify it with a metaphor.

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